About us

6over6 Vision was founded by two determined doctors on a search to revolutionize the world’s access to vision care.

After many years working in tech, studying the complexity of the human eye, and understanding the refraction of light — two friends, CEO Dr. Ofer Limon and CTO Dr. Alex Zlotnik, thought of a completely new way to approach refraction measurement, using only a smartphone.

The idea occurred to them while on a bike ride. Ofer and Alex realized that they could replace the process of measuring refraction using a set of lenses, with a mobile app that directly measures the MDBA (Maximum Distance of Best Acuity).

Knowing most people have access to a smartphone, they realized this was the answer to providing accessible vision care to anyone, everywhere. They biked home promising to make this new, crazy idea a reality.

Now, after years of developing and testing the technology, 6over6 has created GlassesOn. It’s simple. Access to vision care in the palm of your hand.

Our vision

Today, a staggering 2.5 Billion people with poor vision have no access to treatment. That is equal to the population of China, India, and Japan combined.

80% of those 2.5 Billion can be solved with a simple pair of glasses, that they just can’t get their hands on, though they’ve been around for over 700 years.

The vision crisis costs our global economy $3 Trillion per year. That is equal to all the money in circulation in the US. What’s more, half of us globally will be short sighted by 2050.

Good eyesight is the gateway to education, employment, and building a better life.

At 6over6, our mission is to democratize access to vision care, and help the whole world see clearly.