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GlassesOn is a mobile application developed by 6over6 on its mission to make vision care more accessible worldwide.
Your PD (pupillary distance) measures the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil in millimeters.
It’s important to get an accurate PD measurement to ensure your lenses are centered, and your glasses fit properly.
It’s not mandatory for an optometrist to include your PD measurement on your prescription, so they often leave it out. Since they can adjust your glasses in-house, it’s an extra step to include the PD, even though it’s necessary for your glasses to fit properly.
The IPD app works in four simple steps:

  1. Take off your glasses
  2. Hold a card with a black magnetic strip just above your eyebrows
  3. Stand up, raise your head & hold smartphone straight at eye level
  4. Rotate the phone to face the camera with the flash and
    wait for the double flash
The IPD app has been clinically proven as the most accurate app of its kind on the market. PD measurements are within a range of +/- 0.5mm err.

Both the CopyGlass and iPrescribe apps are proven accurate within a range of +/- 0.25Diopters.

All you need is a card with a magnetic strip – like a membership card, credit or debit card. Any card with a black strip against lighter background will do.
The magnetic card dimensions are a world standard. Identifying an object with a known size allows us to create a 3D model from a 2D image.
Once fully grown, your PD measurement should no longer change.