Seeing is everything, Seeing is fundamental.
We Believe that everyone has the right to see clearly.

By thinking differently, creatively and outside the box, we are focusing on bringing innovation to vision care.
We bring all fundamental optometric tools right to your smartphone.
We develop simple to use and user friendly apps enabling a complete and accurate measurement
of the refractive error of the eye, for eyeglasses / contact lenses prescription

our story

6over6 Vision was founded by two determined doctors on a search to revolutionize the world’s access to vision care.

After many years working in tech, studying the complexity of the human eye, and understanding the refraction of light — two friends, CEO Dr. Ofer Limon and CTO Dr. Alex Zlotnik created the most complete and accurate mobile refraction for glasses or contacts lenses using only a smartphone.

The idea occurred to them while on a bike ride in the south of Israel.
Ofer and Alex realized they could use a smartphone to manipulate light in the same way Optometrists measure the refractive error of the eye.

Knowing most people have access to a smartphone, they realized this was the answer to providing accessible vision care. They biked home promising to create the first app clinically proven just as accurate as an optometrist exam.

Now, after years of testing the technology, 6over6 has finally created apps that will easily provide eyewear prescriptions for anyone, anywhere.

It’s simple. Access to vision care starts in the palm of your hand.

the team

Dr. Alex Zlotnik

Dr. Alex Zlotnik



Haim Bachar

VP Business Dev

Nir Altmark

Nir Altmark



Anat Amibar

VP Product

do well see well

We believe seeing is fundamental – for everyone.

Impaired vision is the most common disability in the world, yet its impact on society is largely unrecognized. One-third of the global population is prevented from accessing vision care because of where they live, what they believe or what they can afford. Many do not even realize they are disadvantaged.

Seeing well improves everything – from being able to read and doing well in school to employability and personal well-being. Bridging the gap requires different thinking and fresh approaches.

Access to eyewear all starts with your prescription. With the use of digital applications such as GlassesOn, people across the world can now correct the refractive error of their eye by easily getting an accurate prescription, which makes finding affordable eyeglasses easier than ever.

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